Chicago Cubs: Feelings toward Dusty Baker are still complicated

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Chicago Cubs: So how do we feel about Dusty Baker today?

Everyone’s take on Baker will be a little different. Some will not get over the shortcomings and some might be able to look past it now. In the end every fan is entitled to their own feelings since we see and feel sports differently.

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For me personally, Baker’s tenure in Chicago will never be seen in an overall positive light, but I cannot put all of that on him and I will not let it bother me much. Again, one of the bigger reasons being that I saw the Cubs win in 2016. Time naturally heals wounds regardless.

Lets face it, there were a laundry list of things that went wrong with the Cubs with and around Baker. Some he could control and some he could not. He was and should be held accountable for what he could control that went wrong and be pardoned by what he could not. That does not seem unreasonable.

Like I said earlier, Baker is an easy guy to root for. If he was a condescending jerk all the time then this is a different article being written, but he is certainly not that. I respect Baker as a man and can acknowledge that he has had a good impact on the sport in his 50-some years in Major League Baseball. He has done number of things well, which is why he has been around as long as he has. He is not a perfect game-manager (nobody really is) and I frankly disagree with some of his methods, but I know his intent and heart is not in a bad place.

Not really much more to say or bother saying, what is done is done.

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How will things go for Baker in Houston? Who knows. The team is still very talented but now living with the punishment of their recent scandal. Baker might not seem like a baseball fit for them, but bringing in a guy to change a culture and be a “players manager” is probably the ultimate goal for the Astros. I wish Dusty Baker well and the best of luck.