Chicago Cubs: Three ways David Ross will shock his players

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Chicago Cubs: Goodbye to Maddon’s crazy clubhouse

The number two biggest shock that players can expect when arriving this spring is more structure from the top. I really love this term because of all the diverse meanings it implies for Ross and the team. Not sure if management fed this to him during his interviews as many suspect, but here are some of the structure changes the new skipper has in mind.

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Former manager Joe Maddon ran a pretty loose ship. Players ran amuck and took advantage of Maddon’s lax approach. Expect Ross to tighten and clean up the clubhouse  – something he knows will be a shock for his former teammates. Ross knows this one thing alone will show his team he means business and is focused on getting the team another championship.

More structure from the top also means being right there during their workouts and calling it out when players are dogging it – because Ross knows what they are capable of doing and will provide his guidance to correct any course that starts going astray.

More structure from the top also means getting the leaders of the team to step up and push their team mates to be the best they can be on and off the field.

Leaders on the team don’t get that badge of honor for a pat on the butt and a high-five to their team mates; Ross wants his veterans engaged and talking to the younger players about strategy, hitting the ball and conveying the will to win.  MLB writer Jordan Bastian said Ross will look to an old friend for help in Lester, the grizzled veteran of the group.

Players might not be used to all the structure from the top that Ross is planning for the team and he’s counting on that ‘shock’ to help drive home the seriousness of the season ahead. The biggest thing that he believes will truly shock his team could also end some friendships in the process.