Chicago Cubs: Three ways David Ross will shock his players

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: No more ‘me’ – communicate and share as a group

Ross is a big believer in sharing and communicating, a huge part of any professional organization – but in professional baseball can mean the difference of turning a double play or getting caught stealing. He knows communication between his top players, veterans, rookies and minor leaguers is essential for fostering the relationships that will get them through a season and hopefully into the postseason.

Think of it as a ‘platoon mentality’ where everyone is fighting for everyone and the only way you win is when everyone else wins. Ross won’t have egos in his locker room or on his roster. Everyone will be a team player and contribute to the team or will get on Ross’ business-side very quickly.

Players will be shocked to see a different guy come spring; not the catcher that helped win a championship or the friend they partied with until dawn on a west coast road trip, but the new skipper

Ross isn’t taking this gig lightly and is going to be all business when players arrive.  Mark Gonzales of the Capital Gazette recently reported how important relationship building will be to Ross:

"“I just think when you work together and communicate, you’re either talking about good things, or maybe they’re like, ‘Why is Rossy having us do an extra drill?’” Ross said. “You complain together. That creates relationships. You start talking about whether it’s off-the-field stuff or winning stuff or being a part of certain moments in the season. Communication is how we develop those relationships… If you put your head down or your headphones on and you’re staring at your phone in the locker room because your routine is done that day, you’re not affecting the group.”"

Besides possibly having players keep their headphones in their lockers this season, Ross is very plain about his goal for Chicago – win. He knows that unless his whole team is functioning together as a unit, it will not be enough for a championship run.