Chicago Cubs: Three ways David Ross will shock his players

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs report to Mesa for Spring Training in less than a month. First-year manager David Ross is ready to shake things up in the clubhouse.

Chicago Cubs skipper David Ross recently told reporters at the Winter Meetings he’s hoping players experience some “shock” when they come to Spring Training this season.  That statement must have caught the attention of players, who had a ton of questions for Ross recently at Kyle Schwarber’s recent wedding.

The curious Cubs players drilled their new manager with questions during the event to get an idea of how their former catcher and now manager plans on operating in the near future – including spring training. MLB’s Jordan Bastian recently reported Ross’ reaction after being ambushed by players at the informal player meeting:

"“A lot of questions, a lot of questions,” Ross said."

If the players are not sure what to expect from their new manager next month, then Ross is actually in an excellent position to do just what he intends: be different than Joe Maddon and show his team – it’s time for business.

I can’t help but mention here, while speaking of Ross, retired baseball player and rookie manager; that I feel confident from all that is known about him that management picked a good, honest and moral person to lead the organization.

A shadow has fallen over professional baseball in light of the recent ruling and judgement of MLB that the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox cheated in games to win. Those managers, once new like Ross and full of hope and promise have been dismissed and the teams severely penalized.

While I believe Ross desires to win the World Series more than anything and possibly ‘anyone’ else; I also feel he would never compromise his values or the values of the club for that hollow victory. While Ross isn’t a Boy Scout, fans certainly won’t see him compromised – and that’s good for the organization and the city.

While Ross is planning to give players a good shock coming into spring training, he’s not against some of the traditions he experienced with Maddon. Still, he certainly wants players to see a noticeable difference in his managing style.