Chicago Cubs: Four possible trades within the National League Central

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Chicago Cubs: Could there be a “You Go, We Go” reunion?

It’s not secret that the Cubs offense and team have not been the same since Dexter Fowler left to seek his well-deserved riches after the greatest season in Cubs history. No one even held it against him that he went to the Cubs most hated rivals, especially since he’s pretty much stunk up the joint over there since signing for $82 million over five years. The Cubs weren’t going to give him that kind of money, and the fact that the Cardinals did seemed to hamstring their future as well.

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It’s also not a secret that the Cubs and Cardinals don’t really trade with one another. It’s pretty tough to trade within your own division and it’s a really bitter-tasting pill to swallow when someone you’ve traded away ends up blossoming for your rival. In that light, there’s only one move the Cubs and Cardinals could really make that wouldn’t upset anyone. Step right up, Dexter Fowler.

While he’s proven exactly why the Cubs wouldn’t give him the kind of money he had earned, at this point the Cardinals would probably rather cut their losses and eat some of the money on Fowler. In addition, with some solid outfield options and the possibility that they bring back Marcell Ozuna or even Cub mercenary favorite, Nicholas Castellanos, there may not be much room for Fowler. With youngsters Tyler O’Neill and Harrison Bader needing time, do the Borings really want to spend $14.5 million on a fourth outfielder?