Chicago Cubs: Top three reasons Cubs should pass on Nolan Arenado

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs are one of the teams considering going after Colorado Rockies third baseman, Nolan Arenado. The Cubs might want to pass on this one.

Most Chicago Cubs fans are singing the same song this offseason – one of the team being very frugal in their acquisitions. That whole notion of not spending money really set off some of the Cubs fans and pundits that have labeled the offseason as ugly and lackluster.

While no one will negate the fact that the Cubs have been lethargic this offseason, I have to counter the negative narrative with the thought that at least they haven’t done another mind-blowing Jason Heyward or Brandon Morrow deal. In fact, Morrow signed back on with the Cubs for next season under a minor league contract which makes better sense than his first Cubs contract.

Although Chicago has not formally stated that third baseman Kris Bryant will be out next season or gone, they have been looking for players who can fill that role with the latest being Colorado Rockies All-Star third baseman, Nolan Arenado.

But are the Cubs settling for leftovers after a quiet offseason that has seen many big names move on? Are they trying to hop on the Arenado bandwagon to settle their third base controversy with Bryant? Here are the top three reasons the Chicago Cubs should pass on Arenado.