Chicago Cubs: Top three reasons Cubs should pass on Nolan Arenado

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Chicago Cubs: Reason #3 – Arenado is injury prone 

Rockies fans won’t much understand this article, as Arenado is basically Colorado’s Anthony Rizzo. They love the guy there, but just like Rizzo, the All-Star third baseman has been beaten up pretty good while serving as one the best players in the league.

The person who really said it best was Chicago Cubs owner, Tom Ricketts, who told reporters at the beginning of the offseason that no one out there available is really a good deal. Ricketts went on to say that players come with baggage unless you get them right off the farm or Triple-A. These guys have injuries, family issues, money-issues and some even playing issues.

Ricketts knows a good deal when he sees one and hopefully he won’t be blinded by headlines enough to make an offer on Arenado whose injuries are a concern.

Last season, Arenado was out several times, although in his defense, he did everything Rizzo-style to come back to his team and help out. The question is: do we need another Rizzo with back, shoulder, hand, finger and toe issues? Those were just a few of the injuries that took Arenado out the last few seasons and could be a signal of where he could be suffering again next season.

Remember Arenado has played for the Rockies for seven seasons. Just start looking backward and the injuries pile up. Broken fingers and hand injuries have prevailed throughout his career but as Arenado got older he began to “tweak” his shoulder, bruise his toe and injure his lower back more frequently each season. I can just see the headlines if Arenado comes aboard and I can hear all the chatter that first time as a Cub, Arenado goes on the injured list for a bad back.

Told you so.