Chicago Cubs: A look back at the strangest injuries in team history

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Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman /Allsport /
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Chicago Cubs: Mike Harkey, gymnast

As a newborn in 1990, I, of course, have zero recollection of the former starting pitcher who was selected fourth overall by Chicago in the first round of the 1987 first-year player draft.

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Mike Harkey played in Chicago from 1988-1993. In his first two seasons, Harkey managed a very respectable 3.15 ERA across 32 starts on the mound. The righty exceeded with a 128 ERA+, meaning he was 28 percent better than league average.

In 1992, Harkey found himself on the receiving end of a bizarre injury, landing him on the season-ending injury list and forced him to miss all of the spring training the following season as well as the first half of the regular season.

A routine day off, September 6th, 1992, began like any other day for Harkey. The Cubs were hosting the visiting San Diego Padres in for a home game. During pre-game warmups, Harkey decided to showboat for his teammates. He attempted a cartwheel in the outfield. Not only did it not go as planned, but it also caused Harkey to suffer a severe knee injury, effectively ending his season.