Chicago Cubs: Top three holiday gifts on Theo Epstein’s wish list

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2: Chicago Cubs: Sign a big name free agent

My eyes were really opened recently about free agency, after listening to an interview given by Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. While many of the fans complain, “The Cubs aren’t spending enough,” the exact opposite is actually closer to the truth.

The Chicago Cubs were the second-highest spending club last season and actually enjoy acquiring great talent via free agency to help the team. To me, they’re almost like kids in a candy store looking at all the goodies through the window and then checking their funds to see if they can take home that candy.

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Which leads me to believe, that although the Cubs are watching their budget, they will pull the trigger on one good free agent next season. So now the fun starts, who exactly should they try and get?

A lot of that will have to do with how the rest of the team shakes out. Will third baseman Kris Bryant be a free agent or not? Will he be traded? What about Cubs catcher Willson Contreras?

His name has been thrown around since the season ended. Based on what happens with the rest of the team will certainly affect who, what and when Epstein might pull the trigger on one great free agent.

Similar to last season’s acquisition of Chicago Cubs closer, Craig Kimbrel, when fans were screaming most of last season for Epstein and company to pull the trigger and spend the money, they did. Writers were laying hints in articles, fans were blogging and posting to social media and finally, when the Chicago Cubs were really in need, they pulled the trigger and picked up the “Wilding” pitcher.

Ricketts even indicated that there aren’t really any “good” free agents. Ricketts believes all free agents have issues and come with some kind of baggage. What owners and managers must decide is basically who is worth the baggage? Then they’ve got to get a good price or deal.

Since Ricketts obviously believes all free agents have baggage, he’s mainly concerned about the deal. This means Epstein has the green light and ability to go out and get that star. Expect a near repeat performance this season, as Epstein trades and deals for another hitter like Nicholas Castellanos and then slowly evaluates the talent pool before making his decision and pulling the trigger for a needed free agent.

Who knows? If Epstein wasn’t naughty, maybe Santa will actually bring Castellanos back.