Chicago Cubs: What the heck is MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred doing?

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Chicago Cubs: Manfred’s big lie

Oh, so this all about the players’ comfort and economic fortunes?  Right, got it. Manfred is on the players’ side, and it’s those mean MiLB team owners fault.  That would be nice, except that it is pure bunk.  This move would eliminate one-quarter of the MiLB teams and require cutting the number of draft rounds roughly in half.

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Anyone who thinks fewer minor league teams and players means more dough for those who are drafted isn’t paying attention. All it means is more profit for the MLB teams who would now have to support fewer teams and fewer players.

In addition, the notion that there are too many players who face little or no chance to make the majors, so it’s no loss to eliminate them is nonsense.  Sure, players drafted in later rounds face steeper odds, and that’s what makes those successes even more special.  Guys like:

Zach Davies (26th round)

Kevin Kiermaier (31st round)

Tyler Flowers  (33rd round)

The 2016 infamous World Series Game Seven tying HR hitter Rajai Davis?  (38th round)

Brad Peacock (41st round) who pitched in the 2017 World Series

Carl Edwards Jr. (48th round)

Under oligarch Manfred’s plan, these guys and hundreds of others never play professional ball.

What a loss.