Chicago Cubs looking to keep Javier Baez and his swagger in town

Francisco Lindor / Javier Baez / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Francisco Lindor / Javier Baez / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: L.A. loves Baez

Back in 2018 my family was traveling across the western plains slowly making our way toward Los Angeles. We were heading for the annual three-game series at Dodger stadium where the Cubs have had some pressure-cooked games.

On our second night in Los Angeles, my teenage son proudly donned his Baez jersey to go to the game.

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While I’m very familiar with robust Latin culture in Los Angeles, I was concerned that my teenager might get his jersey handed to him in shreds by the loyal Dodger fanbase.  It started with honking horns as we parked our car and walked up to the entrance of the stadium. At first, I was sure people were honking indignantly at my son’s jersey but once we arrived to the stadium, I learned differently.

People that were standing in line left the line and made a bee-line for my son. I couldn’t believe how nice they were.

“Hi, we’re Dodgers fans but we just love Javy Baez,” they would all say as people kept coming up and introducing themselves in much the same way but asking can we get a picture with your son? What they meant was… his jersey. In fact many of them asked if he could put his back to the camera so they could get the Baez name in their picture.

There were no gender gaps either; the women loved Javy because well… he’s Javy. The men loved Baez because of the intense way he played the game. It then dawned on me as it does today, that Baez represents more than Chicago and more than Puerto Ricans; Baez simply represents baseball and the struggle to achieve what you set your heart after. Because of this struggle Baez has been earning fans from Chicago to Los Angeles.

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Can all this fan-fare help Baez get back in Cubs uniform next season? It seems like a real possibility given recent reports that the two sides are talking a long-term deal. But no matter where he calls home in years to come, there’s no doubt he represents one of the game’s most exciting talents.