Chicago Cubs could see Nicholas Castellanos sign with the White Sox

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Sox need a leader, more outfield offense in 2020

Like it or not, Castellanos to the Sox makes more sense than any of us would like to admit.

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The former Detroit Tigers outfielder would undoubtedly cherish the opportunity to wreak havoc on his former club for the better part of the next half-decade. The two parted ways with, well, let’s just say some bridges were burned and Castellanos made it pretty clear he wanted no part of hitting in Comerica Park any longer.

Looking at the White Sox, really the only spot that’s locked up in the outfield is left field with Eloy Jimenez. Top prospect Luis Robert will likely see the big leagues in the next year – and, in theory, he’ll handle center field for Chicago moving forward. Still, that’s far from a certainty – as is his production at the major league level.

Enter Castellanos.

An outfield of Jimenez, Robert and Castellanos could be formidable for years to come. Daniel Palka and Leury Garcia aren’t starting outfielders on a team with title aspirations – they’re just not. Imagine a lineup that looks something like this.

Yeah, that’ll get the job done. Castellanos would help transform the White Sox lineup, giving it a proven presence who would be all too happy to decimate American League Central rivals for years to come.

Cubs cannot let payroll dictate their offseason approach. dark. Next

It wouldn’t be fun for the Chicago Cubs or their fans. But in an offseason that could once again be shaped by payroll concerns and financial limitations, letting Castellanos move on to a new club might be the only way Epstein can address the team’s most glaring needs.