Which Chicago Cubs benefit the most from the Ross hire?

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Chicago Cubs: The big lefty might be the happiest man in the Cub clubhouse

When David Ross was signed to a contract with the Cubs in December of 2014, many thought Ross was just a glorified personal catcher and caddie for Jon Lester. Some even looked at the move as a way to entice the southpaw to sign with the Cubs in the first place. After the 2016 season, no one thought that about the career back-up who became a folk legend in Chicago.

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Fast-forward to 2019 and Ross will be brought back to the team where so many good memories exist from the last time he was crotch-bumping and scooter-maneuvering his way through the clubhouse.

If there’s one guy he knew and had a positive effect on as a player, it was for sure Lester. As a personal catcher of sorts with the Red Sox and then Cubs, Ross was one of the few guys who could get Lester to calm down when umpires pissed him off or when he was too hard on himself about not making pitches.

While the relationship will have to be a little bit different because Ross will no longer be wearing gear to the mount for visits, Ross has the unwavering respect of Lester. By proxy, that means Ross will have the respect of all the Cubs pitchers, including all the pitchers not with the team the last time Ross sported the tools of ignorance.

The respect that the pitchers and the position players who were with the team had and still have for Ross will not only endear Ross to the new players, it will also steer them clear of the “winner’s trap” so many are worried about.

Ross won’t always be the goofy guy that fans saw, but also the stern commander who expects the most out of his players. Given his unique relationship with the catchers, pitchers, and leaders of the team from his time as a player, there’s no doubt Ross has the ability to pick up where mentor Maddon left off. And you can be sure he’ll put his own stamp on his Cubs now that he’s manager too.

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While the hiring of Ross might be seen by some as a look to the past, many of the players and members of the organization are actually looking towards future production and success. Only time will tell what that future with Ross at the helm will look like.