Which Chicago Cubs benefit the most from the Ross hire?

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Chicago Cubs: Team Bryzzo back in action

David Ross had a great relationship and rapport with core members of the Cubs, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. Heck, Ross even played the dopey intern getting them coffee in their famous Bryzzo Souvenir Co. ads. Now that Ross is back in the picture on a regular basis, the relationship Ross built with Rizzo and Bryant might have some unforeseen and positive benefits.

First off, the chemistry and leadership has been a question of sorts the past couple years with the Cubs disappointing seasons since their World Series. With Ross back, does Rizzo take the reins full force and feel comfortable in his leadership role? Does Kris Bryant come to the forefront as a team leader with the confidence inspired by a guy who took him under his wing a few years ago?

Rizzo has been seen by fans and the media as the Cubs leader in the last few years, but the Cubs have still made it a point to get guys like Daniel Descalso for their “off-field” production and benefits. Now that Ben Zobrist is no longer with the team (unless he is re-signed of course), and Ross is in the dugout again, does that make Rizzo and Bryant, or even a guy like Jason Heyward the clear-cut leaders of the team?

Add in his constant production, dependability, and playing through injury this past September, and maybe it equals a more unified and chemically-balanced clubhouse that produces one-run wins instead of one-run losses.