Top 3 wackiest but very real recent Chicago Cubs news stories

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The Chicago Cubs may be done for this season but that hasn’t stopped the craziest of news about the team, including one about dog urine and scorpions.

The Chicago Cubs have mainly been in the news because of their moving on from Joe Maddon, who was recently hired by the Los Angeles Angels. Between who is being interviewed, who is not and who might be, you may have missed these recent wacky Cubs stories. So without further ado, here are the top three crazy, but 100 percent real recent bits of Cubs news.

3. Darvish says eat fried chicken until death

The Chicago Cubs Ace pitcher Yu Darvish wasn’t talking about ways to change diets when he recently sent the ‘fried chicken’ a message on Twitter. It seems that since his surgery last season, Darvish is almost a reborn player and celebrity.

From his very shy first impression, to battling lawsuits in his neighborhood about the fence around his property, Darvish has now emerged as a very comfortable Cubs celebrity. Darvish jokes with his teammates more and was even doing translation work for first baseman  Anthony Rizzo during a foreign visit this season. Darvish is… cool.

This is most evident by his recent Twitter smack down of a troller named “Fried Chicken”. The troller was bothering the Cubs hurler or just being online-annoying, it’s not clear,  when Darvish unleashed in his native language online.

Later, when Darvish was asked to translate the Tweet, Darvish tweeted:

"His user name is fried chicken, and he said some weird things to me, so I told him to eat fried chicken for every meal until he dies"

Our friends at Cubs Insider actually put it in Google Translate which came back something like, eat chicken until death.

If you ask me, the Google Translate is much more sinister but either way, death by fried chicken is certainly a new one on me.

Nice one Yu!