Top 3 wackiest but very real recent Chicago Cubs news stories

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Chicago Cubs: 2. Epstein’s scorpion and dog urine lawsuit

In the second wackiest story recently in the news, Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein is named in an Arizona lawsuit filed by a couple who rented him their home in 2015 during Cubs Spring Training.

The couple claim Epstein’s dog urinated so much that they have not been able to rent their home since the Epstein family left. The couple claims the urine soaked through the carpet, pad and finally resided on the slab of the property which stinks and cannot be cleaned. The couple kept Epstein’s $5,000 security deposit and has done painting, deep cleaning and a number of things to remedy the smell but it remains.

Epstein claims the smell of urine was in the carpet when they arrived to the property and not only that, but the home was infested with scorpions. The scorpions were so bad according to a report Epstein’s representative showed the Phoenix New Times, there was a whole population on the property.

"Holland wrote that he found 45 Arizona bark scorpions on the property. Most of them appeared to live in five containers of wood and stone debris in the backyard, adding that the scorpions in the area “lit up like a Christmas tree” when he shined a black light upon them."

“These scorpions have clearly been living here for a long time and there is an established adult and juvenile scorpion population,” Holland wrote to Epstein’s administrative assistant.

Yikes! According to Epstein, for fear of his family’s safety, the Epsteins moved into another home two weeks before the lease expired in the scorpion home. The Epsteins claim they never got back the last two weeks of rent or their security deposit and hadn’t even heard from the couple until the lawsuit was just filed this week.

It sounds like the Epstein’s dog “Winston”, who is known to “go” all the time and anywhere, could actually be a culprit in this wacky story and more than likely, Epstein knew it was pretty stinky and so never tried to reclaim his money and figured the scorpion infestation made that urine infestation not so bad – call it even.

That is until the couple sent a $60,000 bill to the Epsteins and filed a lawsuit. Epstein is now going after his money and telling his side of this wacky tale of scorpions and dog urination. At least Epstein kept his sense of humor about the situation:

"When asked about the lawsuit, Epstein replied, “As I said, we have no untouchables. Winston is definitely available in the right trade.”"