Chicago Cubs: Top five moments from this season

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Chicago Cubs: Who didn’t love seeing Zo on the mound?

Ben Zobrist has had quite the run in baseball, with Joe Maddon, and on the Cubs ballclub. At 38 years of age, it’s possible Zobrist has played his last major league game. If that’s true, how great was it to go out on the hill against the Cardinals?

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Zobrist entered an already-decided 9-0 game in the eighth inning, but you know that no major league hitter wants to be embarrassed by a position player out on the mound.

That’s what makes this moment so great. Not only might it have been Zobrist’s last time in Cubbie blue, but he stuck it to the Cards with a scoreless inning that culminated with a strikeout of Cubs’ nemesis Yadier Molina.

To watch Mr. Belly Pinetar whiff on what can only be described as a 70 mph sinker (or change-up, not sure which) was something all Cubs fans can relish and laugh about as we’re forced to endure Cardinals’ postseason games.

If it was Zobrist’s last time in a Cubs’ uniform, the fans and players will miss him something fierce as his quiet leadership, professional at-bats, and World Series heroics will never be forgotten. Plus, Cubs fans will always have the gif of Molina striking out and laughing as a way to taunt the most boring catcher in the league.