Chicago Cubs: Top five moments from this season

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Chicago Cubs: Walk-off Schwarbombs? Yes, please!

Kyle Schwarber has had his fair share of memorable moments since bursting on the Major League stage in 2015. He has hit balls over scoreboards, into rivers, through windshields and come back from a catastrophic knee injury in six months to help the Cubs win a World Series. While he was no stranger to big moments, he did something he had never done before on July 16, 2019.

Wearing their sharp 1969 throwback uniforms, the Cubs found themselves heading to extra innings in a 3-3 tie ball game against the Reds. In the bottom of the 10th inning with one out and a 1-1 count, Schwarber deposited a Raisel Iglesias 96 mph fastball into the basket in left-center field to give the Cubs an emphatic 4-3 win.

As if that moment weren’t enough, it became an even bigger controversy as “Mai Tai Guy” reached in front of a couple of kids sitting in the first row to grab the home run ball and spark an epic controversy regarding adults collecting souvenirs and what the proper protocol is when you’re chasing foul balls and home runs at the ballpark.