Chicago Cubs: Top five moments from this season

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Despite the disappointing end to the Chicago Cubs season, there were some high points along the way. Let’s reminisce fondly on some of the highlights.

In the middle of a “window of contention,” Chicago Cubs fans might be tempted to think that a year where their team doesn’t make the playoffs is a wasted one. They also might be prone to think overly negative thoughts based on the way September ended. Fortunately, I’m here to be a line-drive ray of sunshine to part your October clouds.

Heck – with the Dodgers’ and Braves’ postseason implosions the last few days, the Twitterverse has been abuzz with the notion that maybe it’s better we didn’t even make the playoffs given the heartache fans feel when your team lays a 10-run-deficit egg in the first inning of a decisive playoff game. Not far behind that depression is the notion that your manager isn’t very good at managing and he very well may have cost your team a chance at a ring (I’m talking to you, Dave).

While it might be difficult to admit or hard to see through the anger/tears, the Cubs had some magical moments in 2019. They had individual players make ridiculous plays, have banner stretches and unbelievable performances. We’re going to shine a spotlight on five of the best and brightest moments from this past season and the players and coaches who made them possible.