Chicago Cubs: Hasn’t this run been amazing, regardless of everything?

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Chicago Cubs
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Despite the Chicago Cubs struggles their prolonged excellence during their window of contention has made millions of fans happy, proud and contented.

I really like music. I always have and I’ve been exposed to everything from country to rap to prog rock in my relatively brief time spent on the planet. Problem is, an affinity for music means random song lyrics make surprise visits to your brain. This is a blessing and a curse– sort of like being a diehard Chicago Cubs fan lately. To that end, September 21, 2019 honestly felt like the day the music died. Problem is, so did the 18th,19th and 20th. The levee is pretty freakin’ dry in Chicago.

I had a million songs running through my head as I tried to put the last few days as a Cubs’ fan into perspective. I had angsty songs like Nothingman by Theo-favorite Pearl Jam rattling around making me think about how the Cubs or certain players coulda been something… I had Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River trickling around while I waded through the muck of often vulgar and disgusting Cubs’ Twitter.

I definitely had Linkin Park’s Numb and Lil Wayne/Eminem’s Drop the World floating around a little bit in my darker moments. Then, I had a totally different thought inspired by another song: I’d like to talk everyone off the ledge and tell them that things aren’t that bad and we’ve had it pretty good.

In offering a pragmatic perspective rather than channeling the raw emotion most of us have felt in spades of late, why not enjoy what we have had and the things life has brought to us (especially recently) as Cubs’ fans?