Chicago Cubs: Joe Maddon wishes more players had Buds with buds

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Maybe Bryzzo needs to do more celebrating

Isn’t it ironic that a team assembled to be “character guys” might find one of their largest flaws in a group that doesn’t wanna party? It may sound crazy, but when you sign people to your team who volunteer their time to children’s hospitals and other foundations, raise families conscientiously, and make good decisions, you just might get a team who doesn’t want to go out and party on the road.  No strip joints, no bars til 3 am, no late night Taco Bell runs.

One particularly troublesome character (the one most Cub fans would want to jettison from the team) aside, this team is filled with great guys and do-gooders.  From the outside looking in, there don’t seem to be any agitators or problem children. So, when Maddon asserts that the guys may not be spending enough time building chemistry and having fun together on the road, it’s actually fairly easy to understand, yet also easy to shake off as being inconsequential.

Still, the problem remains: the Cubs played terribly on the road and need to get better if they want to get back to the playoffs next year. Might a change of philosophy or lack of stressors and ultimatums work better with this group ? It’s altogether possible, although sipping bottles of red from Maddon’s personal collection wouldn’t necessarily seem to be the key to unlocking ultimate potential and eternal winning.