Chicago Cubs: Hasn’t this run been amazing, regardless of everything?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Time for Theo, players and fans to look in the mirror

Last season, Theo Epstein spent an entire end-of-season news conference pontificating about production over potential and how things were going to change. Yet, many of the issues the 2019 Cubs have were issues the 2018 squad had as well. But hey, we did sign Daniel Descalso!

It’s possible that in the face of unfiltered emotions and really bad hot takes, it might just be okay if the Cubs miss the playoffs this year. Now before you start blowing me up on Twitter, hear me out.

Not necessarily because it’s a wake-up call that will kick people in the butts or usher in new eras, but because it could make us all take a step back and appreciate just how good life as a Cubs’ fan has been for us the past few years? Heck, even the players might be free to take a step back and do the same… and then gear up for focused and fresh 2020 season.

Life’s been good to Cubs’ fans and missing out on the playoffs may just make life better in the long run. It’s just gonna be a little hard to see that while you’re watching the Cardinals and Brewers in the playoffs.

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If you’re really having a hard time thinking back to 2016 and enjoying how good that felt, go pop in the World Series dvd you have on your shelf. While you may be annoyed at their play in 2019, there’s always the chance that 2016 brand of ball could be right around the corner.