Chicago Cubs: Hasn’t this run been amazing, regardless of everything?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Even if it ends, this has been the golden age

In order to back everyone away from that edge, I want you to go listen to the song Life’s Been Good  by Joe Walsh. While it sounds silly and a tad cliché, hasn’t life as a Cubs fan been good to you?

Hasn’t life as a Cubs fan been really good since Joe Maddon came to town? So far, I can’t argue with either idea. True, we are somehow still sane after all we’ve been through, but heck, we’re Cubs’ fans. We know all about misery and losing. Problem is, we started expecting more… a lot more. Not that there’s anything wrong with hoping and dreaming.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m probably the only one right now. I’m not going to be dreaming though, because whatever happens this offseason is going to make up for crashing the Maserati doing 185 this season.

Managers come and go. Trades are going to happen. Options are going to be picked up. Qualifying Offers will be made. Free agents will be signed. Or not. Who can say what the offseason will bring and who it will bring.