Chicago Cubs: Perspective of the Cardinals vs. Brewers series

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs and Cubs fans will have a watchful eye on what is happening in St. Louis this weekend, but what should the Cubs be rooting for?

The Chicago Cubs have underperformed during the 2019 season. It has seemed like all year that they have not played like we all thought that they could. With all that, they come into the weekend series against the Pittsburgh Pirates four games out of the division lead and tied in the second wild-card spot with the Milwaukee Brewers.

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers will play a weekend series starting Friday in St. Louis. This series will have huge implications on the NL playoff picture as the Cardinals are four games up on the Cubs and Brewers for the division lead. Many different scenarios could play out but which one will be the best for the Cubs?

It depends on what Cubs fans are looking to do. If the Cubs still think that they can go on a run and try to win the division, they should be looking for the Brewers to do some damage against the Cardinals this weekend. Try to close the number of games of the division lead.

At best, in my opinion, the Brewers goes and wins two games in St. Louis this weekend. It will be tough to do as the Brewers just lost last years NL MVP Christian Yelich to injury for the rest of the season.

If the Cubs are trying to create some space in the NL wild card and take their chances with the Cardinals in the last week of the season, then they will want the Cardinals to win the series this weekend.

No matter what happens this weekend the Cubs have to start winning some ballgames. Whatever happens, this weekend will not matter unless the Cubs win this weekend.

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In my opinion, the Cubs go all in and hope the Brewers win some games in St. Louis this weekend and try to cut away at the division lead. Because the Chicago Cubs do still have seven games against the Cardinals to finish the season which could be some very big ball games. But it all starts with the Cubs winning this weekend. That has to happen to make this division very interesting down the stretch.