Chicago Cubs or St. Louis Cardinals; Who will win the Central?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Cubs and Cardinals last road games of the season

The Chicago Cubs again have an advantage in the last 30 days of the season only playing one non-divisional opponent on the road, the San Diego Padres, who have a losing record at home (31-37) and were beaten by the Cubs in Wrigley Field.

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In the last 30 days of the regular season, the Cubs will play a four-game series against the Brewers on the road. I like this series because of all the homers Cubs outfielder, and Kyle Schwarber has been hitting as well as outfielder Nicholas Castellanos. A series in Miller Park might be just what our home run hitters need to give the Cubs the advantage.  The Cubs will also face the Pirates and the Cardinals on the road.

While the Pirates have played tough all season and have blinded teams with closer Felipe Javier Vázquez; this series happens to be the second from the last of the season; the Cubs should be playing on all cylinders. The Cubs may drop one game to the Pirates but not much more as they head into Busch Stadium III to finish the season against the Cardinals.

If it’s this close now, can you imagine how close it might be that last week as the Cubs go on the road against the Cardinals? Those games have got to be sold out. It may be both teams fighting for their life. I’m hoping that the Cubs can take care of business earlier and not have to take it to one game. I think even if the Cubs win only one game in that final series, it should be enough that it won’t make much difference – Cubs win. Can the Cardinals do any better in the last 30 days on the road?