Chicago Cubs or St. Louis Cardinals; Who will win the Central?

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Chicago Cubs: Some tough upcoming series for the Cards

The Cardinals will face the Cubs, Reds and Brewers in the last 30 days at home. They will also meet the San Francisco Giants and the Nationals. This is where it gets fun. The Cardinals will play a double-header against the Reds and two more games to make a four-game series at home.

The Reds have traditionally given the Cardinals a hard time and with a double-header in the middle of the series; the Reds might take three games, or at worst split the series in Busch.

The Cardinals immediately go into a four-game/day series at home against the Giants, who have a better record on the road than at their home in Oracle Park. A split of this series could bring the needed games to put the Cubs ahead and back into first place and all this in the early of the month! If there is a spot where the Cubs could take back first place, it’s going to be prime right around the Cardinals/Giants series.

Alternatively, the first five days of the month for the Cubs will be taking on the Mariners at home and one home/road game against the Brewers. That’s a chance for the Cubs to win three out of four games.

The home game bad news for the Cardinals doesn’t end there. In the middle of the month, the Nationals come to St. Louis. We know that the Nats are capable of swallowing teams and spitting them out as they recently showed us in Chicago. A repeat performance for the best fans in baseball could be devastating to the Cardinals at home and again give the Cubs a break in the series. So what does all this mean as far as home games go?

The Cubs will have to play great against all the teams in their own Division and win the two games against the Mariners in the last 30 days. The Cardinals will have to play great against the Reds and two road teams, the Giants and the Nationals at home to sustain their dominance.

I feel like the Cubs believe in what they’ve been doing lately and are finally ready to take it to their Divisional opponents and being at home makes it all that much better. Going into the postseason, in the last 30 days, look for the Cubs to go (9-4) and the Cardinals to go (7-7) at their respective homes. Let’s take a look at road games for each of these teams.