Chicago Cubs: What if the fans gave nicknames based on performance?

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Fan’s Weekend Management nicknames

We couldn’t do Fan’s Weekend without addressing some of the management of the Chicago Cubs. Cubs Manager Joe Maddon has been in the news about trying to be more hands-on with the players, getting a new contract, and staying Chicago. When his team struggle Maddon is roasted, and when the Cubs win, all is forgiven.

President of Chicago Cubs Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein has no problems talking to the media these days. He’s given every last drop of blood he has and taken all the chances to see if this team can make it to the postseason.  Here are the 2019 Fan’s Weekend nicknames for management.

Joe Maddon – I’m not quite sure if it’s compassion or gambling addiction that makes Maddon keep a struggling pitcher in the game after they give up a crucial walk, run or hit. It’s like watching a horror movie, and you know where the killer is but the characters don’t. You want to warn them, but you are powerless as a viewer, and so they fall.

Right now, all the Cubs fans are trying to warn Maddon about keeping struggling pitchers in the game. The fans are yelling to Joe, “Take him out of the game!” Fans don’t see simple mistakes or errors or chances. The first screw-up that fans can plainly see, they’ll say, “Change him out.” But Maddon never sees it or ignores it or gambles that the pitcher will get better and they never do.

Then another offensive play happens against us. At this point, Maddon may now take the pitcher out, but in some instances, he has gone another batter before removing a pitcher. Just remember, when a pitcher goes south in a game the first time Joe, you have to take him out of the game, or you’ll be getting this nickname express this postseason. Maddon’s Fan’s Weekend nickname is Free Agent.

President of Chicago Cubs Baseball Operations Theo Epstein – I’ve got no issues with Theo Epstein’s performance this season. Everything the Cubs needed was given to them. Need a new closer? Here you go! Need some new batters? Here you go! Not only does he respond, but he gets great players to respond with.

Look at the active players Epstein’s recently gotten the Cubs: Kimbrel, Wick, Ryan, Phelps, Holland, Kemp, Castellanos and Lucroy. That is a fantastic list of players that have shot the Cubs in the arm as they run for the finish line. Epstein has given Maddon all the tools to win. I sure hope that the Rickett Family appreciates the job Epstein has done this year.

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Cub’s writers give Epstein a lot of heat, but they should also remember to give praise when it’s earned. We don’t need to win the series again to see Epstein has made all the deals and greased all the skids this season to make this team great. He is the best. Epstein’s  Fan’s Weekend nickname is The Baseball Mogul.

That’s it this season for Fan’s Weekend nicknames. What nicknames would you give some of your favorite Cubs?