Chicago Cubs: What if the fans gave nicknames based on performance?

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There’s been lots of talk about the Chicago Cubs nicknames leading up to Player’s Week. We’re more honest than nice; as we pick the Cubs nicknames based on performance.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to my second annual Chicago Cubs Fan’s Weekend! To learn more about this weekend or to see last year’s nicknames click here (Chicago Cubs: Fan’s Weekend means we get to pick the nicknames ). After looking at the “nice” nicknames players have given themselves over the past couple of weeks, it was refreshing, to tell the truth about Chicago Cubs player performance via nicknames for the second annual Fan’s Weekend!

So fans, sit back and enjoy the 2019 Fan’s Weekend nicknames for the Chicago Cubs and be sure to hit the link at the bottom to see the outfield, pitchers and manager’s nicknames. Play ball!


  • 1B Anthony Rizzo – Let’s face it. Riz hits the ball. So what if it reminds me of the 17th Hole at my country club; two-strike approach or down on his knees, he’s getting the hit and lately some dingers too. I think this nickname is more of a compliment than a jab at Rizzo’s golf style.   Rizzo’s Fan’s Weekend nickname is Tiger.
  • 2B Tony Kemp – The young ward Kemp knows how to play offense: lightning speed for those infield choppers as he outruns the throw to first and power hits with “The Bat.” You know the bat that looks like its bigger than him. I thought I was seeing Tommy La Stella again. Kemp’s Fan’s Weekend nickname is The Batman.
  • 3B Kris Bryant –  Bryant’s numbers haven’t looked this good since 2016. Lately against the San Francisco Giants, he timed that greatness for when the Cubs were in trouble.  If we’re completely honest, lately Bryant’s been bobbling balls on defense at third base.  Bryant’s Fan’s Weekend nickname is K.Bobble.
  • SS Javier Baez – When he’s on base, he’s a threat. So why doesn’t he walk more? Baez just about leads the league in strikeouts and needs more walks to balance that stat.  Baez needs to get more offense going in his game. I hope this nickname helps him to remember the ‘o’ in offense, cause it’s really been missing lately. Baez Fan’s Weekend nickname is El Mag_.
  • 2B Addison Russell Russell is back in the lineup after a month-long stint in Triple-A. Maybe he couldn’t afford to buy dinner any longer for his minor-league teammates? Well, welcome back! Russell’s Fan’s Weekend nickname is Big Spender.
  • C Willson Contreras – Contreras was surging in stats when he pulled his hamstring and is now just a bench ornament. Contreras’ Fan’s Weekend nickname is Hamsick.
  • C Jonathan Lucroy – Lucroy has been on so many teams, they have to lay out his jersey, so he remembers what team he’s playing for now. Of course,  that doesn’t mean he sucks; he’s just seasoned.  Lucroy’s Fan’s Weekend nickname is Lucky.
  • C Victor Caratini – That pit bull look of his makes players step back. I like Caratini because he is the prototypical catcher; tough, aggressive but with a great arm for throwing out runners.  Caratini’s Fan’s Weekend nickname is The Gun Show.