Chicago Cubs: Are the Cardinals becoming the new Lovable Losers?

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Chicago Cubs: ‘Boast’ Fans in Baseball

Do me a favor Cardinals fans. Please don’t start picking on us, our fans, our stadium, our players, our weather and whatever other bug crawls north in your hind-side just because you are losing.

We are not your problem. We are not the reason your team is not performing. Sure, we may be responsible for some of your losses but it really is unbecoming of your town, your club and your fans that are supposed to be the great leaders of baseball to whine and pick on Chicago when you guys are losing.

It just isn’t regal.

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Because our fan base is so wide-reaching, we have a lot of fans that are unruly. Just by the numbers you’re going to have drunk, wild fans because we’ve got at least 10 million fans, probably more.

Oh and that reminds me, just because you have the most loyal fan base doesn’t mean you have the most fans. There is a reason blue dominates many road contests in the stands, leading all the way back to WGN being broadcast around the nation.

It’s true. Since 2016 the Cubs picked up some “new” fans that are hanging around in the stands waiting for the next party because the World Series in 2016 was off the chart. They most likely do not know a lot about the Cubs or baseball, I’ll admit. They may not even know there is a rivalry with the Cardinals!

Obviously, these are not the core of the Cubs fan base, like the ones who know and love Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and all the great players of yesterday and today. If ‘your broadcasters and fans’ decide they want to film these ‘fans’ instead of true fans that have lived the history then don’t be surprised when they sound like drunk morons online or on television.

Why are Cardinals fans called the ‘best fans in baseball’? Just because they showed up? It’s like the kids that get an award for no absences all year in school; it’s not really an award – all they did was show up. Maybe they were whining St. Louis Cardinals fans all day in school and drove everyone nuts. They still got credit for showing up.

Well good for you guys! Glad you showed up for your team and saw them win a bunch of times in your second stadium. I mean, we have a ‘field’ in the middle of the city, but we’re the ones that are supposed to be obnoxious.

Actually, the 2019 numbers put the Cardinals behind the Cubs in baseball fandom, but that’s okay, you just keep calling yourselves the best fans in baseball.