Cubs Rumors: Can Dee Gordon fit into the team’s second-half?

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Cubs Rumors: Is Dee Gordon our answer to the second base issue? Some fans are starting to stir the pot as him being the solution.

The first half was a tale of two offenses for the Chicago Cubs. Some nights they look like the best offense in the league. Other nights look like auditions for Bird Box 2. This problem is rooted in our second basemen’s production.

An idea being thrown around in Cubs circles is Dee Gordon. A big name across the game, Gordon is known for his killer speed and ability to play many positions on the diamond. The 31-year-old Seattle Mariner is a two-time All-Star who has more than likely watched his best baseball years pass him by.

Gordon is an interesting piece because he would give Joe Maddon many options offensively and defensively. Throughout Gordon’s career, he has played all over the outfield and middle infield. Maddon likes to rotate guys in and out of different positions which Gordon would be great for.

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Gordon is also one of the best base stealers in the game, leading the league three times since 2014. Being able to get on first and steal second to get into scoring position can be extremely helpful when teams are struggling to produce offensively.

Gordan has struggled to generate production at the plate, slashing .263/.293/.352 with a .645 OPS. Not great.

Second basemen for the Cubs have lacked any and all power with the exception of David Bote and Robel Garcia.

Cubs Rumors: Bote and Garcia aren’t the answer

Bote, who has fielded many different defensive positions, seems like a good fit at second. Garcia burst onto the scene, giving many Cubs fans hope our future second basemen is already in a Cub uniform.

In his first seven games, Garcia has hit two bombs, a pair of doubles, and four RBI’s to earn a 1.270 OPS. This may be a tiny sample size but it gives me great hope that we may have a great option already on the roster.

Gordon clearly has a place in this league but is not what the Cubs need out of a trade. Moving forward, I expect to see Garcia and Bote playing second base every day. We still have two weeks before the deadline and Theo Epstein will want to see as much of Garcia as he can before then.

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The end of July will be a time to reassess our second base needs, but Gordon should not be the solution at second base. Some Cubs’ fans might want to see Addison Russell released, traded, etc. I guess you can count me in that group. Thanks for your time, good luck elsewhere. Time to move on. But not for Gordon.