Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein’s got solutions, determining the problems

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Epstein delivers his solutions

Remember, Epstein has all the answers; he needs to know ‘who’ the problems are. That’s what he’ll be doing the next three weeks. Looking to see who the problems are so that he can apply a solution. A quick solution so the team can move on and win. He’s not shy about saying exactly what all fans are thinking: fix the issues now not later when it’s too late and another Division Title and season has slipped through our fingers. We’re lucky to be where we are, not good.

"“I think we all feel fortunate to be within half a game of first place, giving the way that we’ve played,” Epstein said. “If the (division) had shaken out a little bit differently, we’d be in a lot different mindset — probably looking more longer term. Right now, we’re looking very short term. We’re looking at how to claw back to first place and then build a lead.”"

Epstein is too smart to start pinning pink slips on players in the media just yet but expect that his team’s performance over the rest of the month will go far in determining the moves Epstein tries to make before the July 31 deadline.

The All-Star break may give the Chicago Cubs time to reflect on the first part of the season and how they want to come back and attack the second half. They’ve already succeeded in drawing themselves back to first place and now must look to build their lead.

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If there was ever a time you might see many Cubs “over-performing” or fighting for their jobs, it’s going to happen in these next three weeks. Especially for those players I’ve already named, it’s almost like Spring Training again – let’s see what you got – all or nothing. That should fare well for the Chicago Cubs overall and help with some early wins to get that lead Epstein wants.

I’m especially eager to see how the Cubs come out against the Pittsburgh Pirates this weekend because a slow start for some Cubs might sadly be another ‘solution’ for Epstein.