Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein’s got solutions, determining the problems

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Chicago Cubs: Will Epstein reshuffle his coaches?

I believe that Theo Epstein is considering changing up some of the coaches and possibly Joe Maddon. That is unless Maddon already has a contract or agreement, which then puts Epstein in a real tight spot.

No one wants Maddon to succeed more than Epstein because that would be loads of trouble off his mind for contract purposes and that would mean of course the Cubs had won “enough” for Epstein. It also reinforces Epstein’s decision to bring Maddon to Chicago in the first place. Easy enough, when the team is winning, things are good, and when they are losing…well this is what the AP reported Epstein recently said about Maddon:

"“I see us as in it together,” Epstein said. “My job is to put him in a position to succeed. I like nothing more as an executive than sitting back — the team’s playing well, the manager’s on a roll, you guys are all talking about this is the best job he’s ever done. That makes me feel good. Now, the team’s struggling so there’s going to be speculation in the other direction.”"

Although there are no hard rumors about both hitting and pitching coaches being on the chopping block, no one feels safe. Epstein has to win, and players are either going to show him the money or cash out. Coaches may need to be reviewed based purely on personnel and their relationships on the team. It’s like everything is up for review over the next few weeks.

Remember, Epstein has all the solutions and can apply them at any time. So how will it happen?