Chicago Cubs: An update on Kris Bryant’s comeback season

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

This year was deemed as a “comeback season” for the Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant. How has the season of redemption started for him?

A year ago, the Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant came into the season with high expectations. Bryant started the season hot, but that all came to a stop when he decided to dive headfirst into first base in Milwaukee. Bryant would bounce on and off the DL (now IL) all season, and was never the same.

A lot of talks happened before the season. Cubs Twitter called this the “comeback season” for Bryant. Even Bryant would say he is more determined for the season and eager to get going. And in the spring, Bryant didn’t deliver any spectacular numbers. But it’s spring, who cares? Well, it turns out the spring performance should have caused more question than it did.

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Bryant got off to a pretty decent start in Texas. On the series’ he would go 4-for-13 (.307), hit one home run, and notch four RBI. The Cubs would then travel to Atlanta where the whole team sucked, not just Bryant. Bryant would go 2-for-12 (.167) with three K’s in that series.

After the sweep in Atlanta, the Cubs went up to Milwaukee for a three-game set with the Brewers, where things did not get better for Bryant. He would go 3-for-14 (.214) with one RBI, but he would strikeout SIX times. His overall stat line is hitting .231/.302/.385 with one home run, five RBI, and 11 K’s.

It is probably a good thing the Bryant decides to delete Twitter during the season because Cubs fans have been pretty ruthless.

There were many more I could have chosen from, but you get the idea.

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Yes, it is early, but I think all Cubs fans can agree we were expecting more to start the season from our former MVP. But let’s be clear, the Cubs have played nine games out of 162. Albert Almora and Anthony Rizzo haven’t been very impressive either, so why aren’t Cubs fans trashing them? Let’s wait until we are at least halfway through the season to start saying players suck.