Chicago Cubs are struggling, so the clichés have come out

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When a team that’s expected to do well like the Chicago Cubs comes out and struggles, the clichés will soon follow. But are they necessary this early in the season?

I think in this first week, I’ve heard many of these with the way the Chicago Cubs have played. This season is still early. Every game matters. Only time will tell. They’re unavoidable, it seems. But here we are after just four games with a 1-3 team that can’t seem to do much right. The people who believed that Baseball Prospectus prediction are loving these first few games.

The Cubs came out in the opener, appeared to have solved their offensive issues and opened the year with a win. The offense continued to play well in Texas, but the pitching unraveled and they dropped the last two of the series. Then they head off to Atlanta. The bats went silent, the Cubs committed six errors–six–, and they lost 8-0 to the Braves. Positive note? The bullpen didn’t allow a single run. Is this team going to be any good? Only time will tell. Get it? Moving on.

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The Rangers took walks that most of these guys won’t take the rest of the year. Joey Gallo somehow managed to strike out only three times–he struck out 207 times last year. And the Cubs bullpen which was a question let them down, blowing several leads late in the two losses.

The trip to Atlanta, the Cubs know they’re playing a team that’s struggling as much as they are. So what do the Cubs do? Implode. The Braves looked like a pennant winner compared to the Cubs. And after scoring 28 runs in the Texas series, the team was shutout. I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles. I hate myself for this.

So let’s key in on the two we hear the most. ‘Every game matters.’ It does. The Cubs should know that after losing the division to the Brewers in a one-game playoff. But that also doesn’t mean the Cubs aren’t trying. If you think they’re heading out to the park with thoughts of phoning it in? Stop. Please, stop. This team knows the importance of these games, whether it’s March or September.

‘It’s still early.’ I’ve used this as much as anyone here at Cubbie Crib. And I believe it. My father used to say, ‘You can’t win the division in April, but you can lose it.’ I agree with that. But it’s three days into April, not 30. The Cubs indeed have some issues in the pen to sort out. The offense has responded well to Anthony Iapoce. The pitchers have said they like Tommy Hottovy‘s approach to pitching as far as analytics. But those numbers in this first week may need to be thrown out.

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The Cubs haven’t played two full series yet, and fans–some Cubs–are writing them off. I would normally say wait until the All-Star break to make any judgments on the team. At this point? I’ll take a month from those people. Can we relax and just wait a month before we pass judgment on this team? Even then, I don’t think that’s a fair assessment. But I’d love to not see Cubs’ social media start off a hot mess to start the year.