Chicago Cubs: What happened to every game matters?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: You can’t have it both way, folks

Let me also address the excuse some people are using: it’s only four games.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that “every game counts,” and when you lose, then suddenly it’s only four games. Sorry, we let that slide last year. This year, the Cubs told us they were going to own every moment and every game.  Sorry fellas, it’s just not happening.

Oh, and where’s that chip on your shoulder because some prediction said the Chicago Cubs would finish last in their division this season? I don’t see you guys playing with that chip and guess where you are in the division?

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Obviously, the season is not over, in fact, just the opposite. So we “are” going to win games in the future. This is by no means the end of the line but a wake-up call. Again, I think it’s right to justify myself here as no one, including me, wants to be shaking a negative finger at the Cubs so very, very early in the season; but they are just not playing to their full potential.

Some of the immediate issues are obvious: fielding is poor, we’re stranding multiple runners on base, other than Jon Lester‘s debut and an inning or two of Yu Darvish, the rest of the pitching staff look like they are still on spring break.

Mike Montgomery gave up runs and multiple walks along with Tyler Chatwood; Carl Edwards, with that crazy hitch step that MLB finally threw out as illegal, hasn’t looked so hot until tonight when he finally got rid of that hitch he’s been practicing all spring.  Pedro Strop wasn’t winning any “Future Cubs Closer” votes with fans in his early appearances, either.