Chicago Cubs: Five reasons Kyle Schwarber will win the NL MVP

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Chicago Cubs: You did see his show last year in the Home Run Derby, right?

Four hits in his first big league start against Cleveland. Bomb into the Allegheny in his first postseason game. Ball onto the scoreboard against the Cubs’ nemesis in his first postseason series. Five bombs total in the 2015 Postseason. (Cubs’ career playoff record in one postseason). 7-for-17 in the 2016 World Series against the Tribe. Home Run Derby runner-up (to Bryce Harper) in 2018.

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Schwarber is Paul Bunyan in Chicago. His heroics are the stuff of legend at age 26.  Even if he does nothing for the rest of this career, he will be idolized and beloved by many, many Cubs’ fans forever.

Schwarber is not afraid of the moment. He’s not afraid to be good. He’s not afraid to fail and then work his tail off to get better and fix what’s broken. In other words, he’s primed and ready for the pressure of a 2019 season that will see the Cubs and Schwarber himself under the microscope. The thing is, with Kyle, you better get your telescope to see where some of his balls land (and then maybe call Safelite to fix your windshield when the ball comes back down to Earth).