Chicago Cubs: Jason Heyward is the glue that holds it all together

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Even in hard times, Heyward stays focused

Heyward is also a great example of how you can make an impact on a team without necessarily doing anything on the field. We can look back at Game 7 of the 2016 World Series for that.

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Benched in the biggest game in Cubs history, Heyward had to look elsewhere to make an impact. When a rain delay came around after the team squandered a late-inning 6-4 lead, causing the game to head to extras, Heyward made his mark. He called a players-only meeting and ultimately uplifted the spirits of the team, propelling them to reverse the tide and win their first World Series in 108 years.

He knows that when the going gets tough, you have to keep going, and he was able to help his team stay positive through a difficult situation. Heyward’s struggles on the field may have kept him on the bench, but without them, we may not refer to the 2016 Cubs as World Series champions. Mindset is key, and having someone in the clubhouse who can put a positive spin on things can make or break a ball club.

Everyone needs a Jason Heyward on their team. A man with character, a passion for the game and a worker’s mentality. We’ve seen young stars such as Ian Happ, Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora show a great deal of promise, but also struggle at times early in their careers. For these guys to have a player like Heyward to look up to, a seasoned veteran with five Gold Gloves, an All-Star appearance and Rookie of the Year to his credit, they can learn how to handle adversity.