Why the Chicago Cubs last two seasons make them dangerous

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Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant, Third Baseman

Last season for Kris Bryant is one he’d like to forget. I won’t say things have come easily to him. But last year, he faced adversity in more ways than one. Injuries took their toll as he was swinging with one shoulder for much of the year. Fans started talking about Bryant in trades. Wait, trades? We’re kidding, right? Even after an injury-riddled season, he batted .272 with 13 home runs and 52 RBI. Clearly, the power was zapped, as his slugging percentage dropped from .537 in 2017 to .460 last year.

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The question was raised on more than one occasion if they should shut Bryant down, but opted not to. In total, he did miss 60 games with his 102 played the fewest in his career  (151, 155, 151 in his first three years.)

Bryant even came back with an altered swing, one where he didn’t let the right hand leave the bat. He looked uncomfortable with the swing–and like he was still in some pain–and finished the year on the outside of the playoffs. Something as a Cub he had never known. Sounds strange to say that, doesn’t it?

He’s only had a few at-bats this spring, but it appears the power is back. He’s already clubbed two home runs and a double and has returned to his old Bryant swing. In 2016 and 2017, we came to know he and Rizzo as ‘Bryzzo.’ Those two were missing last season. I’d take out your Bryzzo t-shirts and get them ready, again. I think you’ll need them.