Chicago Cubs: 10 key players; An anxious fan wants to see his team

CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 10: Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist
CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 10: Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist /

These 10 Chicago Cubs will need to have successful seasons in 2019 for the team to win. And an anxious fan just wants to see his team play–which seems impossible this spring.

You could say that every Chicago Cubs players needs to have a good season for the team to succeed. But we’re looking at the 10 that could be the most critical to the team, for many reasons. Some they’ll need better seasons from than they got in 2018. Others will just need to be on the field this year. There are several reasons for each of these players to be on the list. But each has their part to play.

If you’re a Cubs fan that can’t wait to get eyes on your newest version this spring, well, it’s not great. Most early spring games are rebroadcasted, which is better than nothing. But the Cubs won’t even be shown locally until March 13. Haven’t we had to wait long enough for baseball? Not to mention having to watch the nationally broadcasted spring games that include the Miami Marlins and Texas Rangers. People don’t even go to see the Marlins there. Why would anyone else want to watch them? Please, just let us see our Cubs.

Bryce Harper has signed with the Phillies. I repeat, Harper is off the market until I’m 53 years old. Yikes. Some fans are tired of hearing about it. Some are upset the Cubs didn’t get him. To that latter group, these are likely some of the moves the Cubs have made in recent years that kept them from even having a chance to add Harper, Manny Machado or other big name free agents.

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