Chicago Cubs history on Brach’s side, Giants still after Heyward

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 In today’s Morning Marquee, we take a look at the Chicago Cubs history of acquiring ‘so-so’ talent from the Orioles and turning it into success stories. And are the Giants really still pursuing Jason Heyward?

When the Chicago Cubs signed Brad Brach, it was exciting to see them sign a name that many people knew of. But more than that, the Cubs have had tremendous success with their signings that have been in Baltimore. Jake Arrieta, Pedro Strop and even Jason Hammel had success after coming over to the Cubs. Could Brach be the next in that line?

We recently talked about the Giants still having interest in Jason Heyward, although much of that started last season with the idea of swapping more expensive but shorter contracts in exchange for the Giants taking on Heyward’s lengthy contract. But they might not be out, as the current starting outfield for San Francisco doesn’t really have anyone you’d know, outside of Giants’ fans.

When you see the name Brailyn Marquez, you aren’t likely to know who he is. And since he isn’t on the MLB Pipeline Top 100? Probably even less likely a chance. But you should get to know him because he’s one of the Cubs pitching prospects that could move up quickly. Possibly even making next year’s top 100.

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