Cubs Rumors: Giants interested in Heyward, Harper still a possibility?

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Cubs Rumors
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As we creep towards the start of Chicago Cubs Spring Training, all we’re indeed left with is a bag of rumors. Sources don’t seem very reliable anymore. So we are left with rumors. So what rumors remain for the Cubs?

This winter has been quite the drag on Chicago Cubs’ fans. The hope was the team would come out, guns blazing with the new TV network coming soon–ready to sign EVERYBODY. But that wasn’t the case. Fans have held on to the hope that Bryce Harper will end up a Cub. Possible? He hasn’t signed anywhere else, so yes.

Another has been the talk of the Cubs “freeing up” space financially. The problem with that is any contract they want to move will be near impossible. The biggest of those that people think of is Jason Heyward. And while he’s been an offensive disappointment with that contract, the Cubs still think highly of him and won’t just give him away for what would likely be another bad contract. The Cubs have done that before, back in the Jim Hendry days.