Chicago Cubs: Not shoring up this core is nothing short of negligent

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Chicago Cubs
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Championship windows close quickly and by not supplementing the current core, the Chicago Cubs are bordering on negligence in their inactive offseason.

As a fan base, after four short years, Chicago Cubs faithful take winning for granted – right? Well, not if you take their downright outrage over the team’s lack of action this winter as evidence. Heading into Cubs Convention this weekend in downtown Chicago, the Wrigley Faithful are in an uproar – and chairman Tom Ricketts’ comments Thursday morning did little to help matters.

Ricketts talked with 670 WSCR AM on Thursday after reports surfaced online the day prior regarding his decision to not host an annual panel with ownership this weekend. Fans pretty much universally decried this move – and saw it as a cowardly decision by an owner who calls himself one of the most accessible in the game.

When asked about the matter, he tried to turn things into a joke, saying, “People would rather watch the mascot play bingo than listen to the owners speak,” – but Twitter lit him up immediately, and things really only got worse from there.