Chicago Cubs: Will fans make the best of things at Cubs Convention?

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This weekend, the Chicago Cubs will hold the 34th Annual Cubs Convention at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. What can we expect at the three-day event?

The Chicago Cubs will host the 34th annual Cubs Convention this weekend at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. This one may seem a little different than normal, but I have no doubt the Cubs will make it a special weekend for those who attend.

As a kid, I attended the event annually, and it was always an amazing experience. From getting a picture with Joe Girardi to taking BP and meeting Mark Prior, the convention always created fond memories and helped grow my passion for the Cubs. In the midst of a stressful offseason, this year’s gathering may not seem as joyful in years past but has the potential to help ease fans’ minds as positive movements will be the focus for the weekend.

We’ll start with the not-so-great news heading into the weekend and leave on a positive note. This year, Addison Russell, Anthony Rizzo, Jon Lester and Tyler Chatwood are notable players who will not be in attendance.

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Russell’s absence makes sense, as his situation not only with the team but personally is still up in the air, so it’d be best for him to stay at home for the weekend. That’s not to mention the fact that given his suspension, he can’t attend regardless.

Anthony Rizzo was recently married and does not plan to cut his honeymoon short. We’ll cut Riz some slack on this one, a leader with so much passion and dedication to the city and fans 100 percent deserves to enjoy his offseason with his new wife. Tyler Chatwood’s reason for missing is not available, but a player whose birthday post comments on the Cubs’ Instagram page had to be blocked shows that it may not be in his best interest to attend (ouch).

No word on Lester as well, but as incredible of a leader as he is for this ballclub during the season also should warrant him a pass for the weekend.  It’ll definitely be a bummer for attendees not having Rizzo and Lester there, but the absence of Russell and Chatwood should honestly help keep things positive this weekend.

What will fans be treated to this weekend?

Switching gears from what fans will miss to what they’ll get treated to, a lot of fun is in store. As a fan, I am most excited about the question/story panel that will be hosted by Albert Almora, Steve Cishek, Daniel Descalso and Ian Happ. This is a perfect group to lead what should be a packed house. A free-agent signing in Cishek that turned out to pay huge dividends in 2018 (one of the few), two young studs with bright futures in Happ and Almora, and one of the moves the Cubs have made so far in this offseason in Daniel Descalso.

With an emphasis to focus on the positive, this should be a great experience for fans, as it’ll shed light to some great players in the Cubs organization and awesome reminders that Theo has done so much good for this team. Sure, a lot is up in the air, but in an offseason with a lot of questions, showcasing this group to the fans should definitely help ease tensions.

Another exciting event in store will be a panel hosted by Carl Edwards, Ian Happ, Jason Heyward, and Pedro Strop. This will be directed toward kids and focus on off-field topics. This will be awesome. Something that will steer away from baseball will be especially great for Edwards and Heyward, two players who still have something to prove this upcoming season. Having them focus on the kids and what they like to do in their lives will keep things fun and relaxing. I also guarantee these guys get some new fans out of it too.

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Overall, it’s going to be a nice weekend. The Cubs have an awesome gameplan to keep things positive and fun, regardless of the offseason that we’re in. The group of guys highlighting the weekend are a great showcase of the bright future that this team really has.