Chicago Cubs: Patrick Mahomes is the Javier Baez of the NFL

(Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images) /

After a season where Chicago Cubs star Javier Baez‘s magic nearly gave way to his first MVP trophy, the likely NFL MVP is doing things that we haven’t seen before.

Every once in a while a professional athlete comes along who defies all logic, who makes plays that we never thought possible and takes over their respective sport. “Must-watch TV” has turned into a cliche phrase around sports, but if you turn away when Patrick Mahomes or Chicago Cubs star Javier Baez are in action, you could just miss something special.

As Mahomes gears up for an AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots dynasty, let’s take a moment to appreciate a season filled with plays from the star quarterback that would make “El Mago” himself proud.

Mahomes Magic

Mahomes has solidified himself as the king of jaw-dropping plays in the NFL. In his first full season, Mahomes has shown the ability to complete a no-look pass, throw with his off-hand and has showcased elite escape ability.

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While the flashy plays are the ones that stand out, Mahomes’ numbers prove that his dominance goes much further than a handful of plays. Mahomes ranks first in the NFL with 50 passing touchdowns, second in passing yards and second in passer rating.

The most impressive stat during Mahomes’ historic run? Wins. His Chiefs finished the regular season atop the league record-wise and are favorites to reach the Super Bowl. If Mahomes were to win the Super Bowl, he would be the youngest quarterback ever to do so, and his overall season would go down as one of the greatest ever.

The Baez connection

Mahomes and Baez have a lot of similarities in the way they achieve greatness. They both use their freakish athleticism to allow them to play with a reckless abandon. Both of them fill up the highlight reel during their seasons, and both are among the top player in their sport.

Like Mahomes, Baez does things during a game that amaze everybody watching. For Baez, it’s his no-look tags, swim-move slides and acrobatic defensive plays that make him such a polarizing baseball player. He also has the numbers to back him up.

In 2018, Baez ranked first in the National League with 111 RBI, third in WAR, fourth in slugging percentage and eighth in hits. Baez finished second to Christian Yelich for the National League MVP.

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It’s evident that there are striking similarities between Mahomes and Baez, and with both young superstars, they may just be getting started.