Chicago Cubs: Manny Machado could reinvigorate the Crosstown Classic

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Chicago Cubs: Machado adds a lot to this historic showdown

National Presence: Being the four-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glover that he is, Manny Machado brings the spotlight with him. He’s a free agent so highly sought that it seems all big league teams have made an inquiry about his services.

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He would not only bring a national spotlight to a team that seems to be overshadowed by the Cubs, but would amplify meetings with the North Siders. Going to a team that was left off ESPN’s list of Chicago teams with championships in the 2000s (even though they won the World Series in ’05), would help put the Sox and their rivalries back on the map.

Chemistry: With the signings of Alonso and Jay, Machado seems to be the missing piece from this trio. Adding the former Orioles standout would bring a “feel-good” story to this team. Not only that, but having three lifelong friends on a field together would improve the chemistry of the ball club and make it a team with an identity.

Having this trio to square off against some of the Cubs and their fun friendships could be so awesome that it may even warrant another cup promotion at Mickie D’s.

Personality: Machado has developed the “you love him or you hate him” identity in these past few seasons. After comments about not being a “Johnny Hustle” type player, along with his move to intentionally hurt Jesus Aguilar of the Brewers in the NLCS this past year, opposing teams and fans have grown a sense of distaste towards the shortstop.

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Adding him to this rivalry could definitely help stir the pot and amplify what it means to win.

Manny Machado could instantly turn the White Sox into AL Central contenders and bring life back to the South Side.  What once was one of the best rivalries in baseball has gone by the wayside, but one signing by the South Siders could bring life back to the Crosstown Classic that we all know and love.