Chicago Cubs: The confusion surrounding the future of TV broadcasts

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: MLB TV’s Treasure – Archived Games

For the second year in a row, I subscribed to MLB.TV. It was relatively painless and I liked the fact that I could pay to watch only my team’s games and not for every game. Just like that popular commercial says, why should I pay for stuff I don’t want or use? So I pay for the Cubs season and I’m even offered a discount for being a military veteran.  I’m not sure if it’s because I renewed or signed up early, but I also received a free app subscription to At-Bat. For the busy working parents, this has been a life-saver. Catching games on your schedule when it’s convenient for me has helped me watch more this year than ever before.

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When you can tune into an archived Chicago Cubs game hours, days and weeks later, your entire schedule just opens up and makes magic time for the Cubs game. For those outside the greater Chicago broadcast area and in the car with an hour’s drive to the in-law’s house, no problem.

I often pull up the radio feed of the game on AT BAT and link it to my car radio via Bluetooth. Instantly I am magically experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes of the ballgame.

Archived games are a gold mine for the Cubs and MLB. For families on the go and the long season, it only makes sense for Cubs fans to run in droves to the archives. Trust me, in the long run, the archives will make money for MLB. So what could be better?

Don’t forget, every silver cloud has a dark lining. While Cubs fans will undoubtedly still have an online manner in which to watch their team, it is unclear what the new contract with online distributor DAZN will mean for fans who catch 99% of the games via online media. What does this mean for At-Bat app users?

The last thing to consider in regards to the Plan for the Future of Cubs’ media or just watching the game is what the future may hold. Technology is moving at an incredible pace with apps translating more and more of our daily routines into programs.

What will be created tomorrow? What will bring the game closer to us or us closer to it? How will it change the way we watch the game? While it may not happen next season or the one after, be sure that technology will continue to change the way we watch the game in the future and how much we pay for it.