Chicago Cubs: Pursuing Bryce Harper this winter is a no-brainer

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Chicago Cubs: Everyone seems worried about chemistry

Sure, Bryce Harper may have a big ego and an attitude that many see as not being able to mesh with what the Cubs currently have in their clubhouse. But, in reality, Harper is one of those guys where if he’s on your team, you love him. This is a young star with an eye on the game of baseball.

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We see in his “Make Baseball Fun Again” campaign that he wants to grow the game of baseball and help the future of the sport, something admirable for baseball fans.

It’s not every day a young star with championship goals places a large emphasis on the game itself (reference Rory McIlroy and his comment to not play golf to grow it, but to win). Harper plays with a little flair, but overall, he’s going to play his heart out and give you his all.

To top it off, Harper and his wife, Kay, have a very close relationship with Kris Bryant, and his wife, Jessica.

Having two close friends play together could ultimately be great for the clubhouse vibe. Teams and players perform best when they’re having fun, so having your best friend on the same field as you would make it fun, right?