Chicago Cubs: Who should Cubs fans root for in the postseason?

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Chicago Cubs: Evil Empire or Theo’s former regime?

Even though I’ve always been more of a National League person, I didn’t immediately rule out the American League in deciding who I’d pull for in the postseason. Had the Oakland Athletics been victorious over the New York Yankees in the Wild Card Game, I would have hopped right on that bandwagon.

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Instead, we ended up with two relatively unlikable teams in the ALDS: the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. It’d be hard to convince anyone but a true Yankees fan to pull for them in the postseason, so it was easy to rule them out.

As for the Red Sox, I’ve always found them to be easier to root for than the Yankees. They’re the former employer of Theo Epstein as well as several current and former Cubs: David Ross, Jon Lester and Anthony Rizzo, to name a few.

Still, I just found it too hard to get behind them as a Cubs fan. They rolled right through the regular season with the best record in the American League, setting them up for plenty of time to rest, whereas the Cubs had to slog through the season.

And this offensive explosion happened in the absence of Chili Davis, who was the former Red Sox hitting coach and assumed the same role with Chicago. Even if he wasn’t the main cause of the struggles, he certainly didn’t seem to help things much. I just don’t think Cubs fans can get behind this group, either.