Chicago Cubs will stay calm, cool in the eye of the storm this month

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs ability to stay cool, calm and collected will serve them well as they weather a perfect storm of travel, weariness and injuries this month.

“Try not to suck.” “Do simple better.” “Embrace the target.” “Don’t let the pressure exceed the pleasure.”

Joe Maddon has long been criticized and questioned for his antics, psychology, charm, “Maddonisms” and what many view as questionable in-game decisions.  That being said, generally he’s lauded for his ability to keep a clubhouse loose and focused on one game at a time.  Often, what makes fans crazy and, well, fanatical, is something the players aren’t even thinking or feeling. That’s a testament to both Maddon and the leaders in the clubhouse and an ability to tune out the noise.

The Chicago skipper has brought in animals, hosts dress-up plane rides, themed road trips, and never relies on hot takes. He isn’t quick to push the panic button, and he won’t start now.  He also won’t let his players push it. Neither will Anthony Rizzo, Jon Lester, Jason Heyward or even newcomer Cole Hamels. Despite being mired in 30 straight days of baseball, the Cubs won’t let a couple losses or a slump keep them down or change their game plan.