Chicago Cubs: Welcome to the Daniel Murphy and Anthony Rizzo show

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Chicago Cubs
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The introduction of seasoned veteran Daniel Murphy into the Chicago Cubs lineup has been a shot in the arm and a much-needed calming presence.

There is no question that the addition of Daniel Murphy to the Chicago Cubs has made the most significant impact in altering the 2016 Chicago Cubs core roster. What effect has this had on Rizzo’s leadership of the Cub’s and can these two vets work together?

If I were to go into Wrigley Field and pick ten random people and ask them each this question, how do you think they would answer?

The question is, “Out of the active players on the Cubs roster, who is your favorite?”

I believe a majority will pick Anthony Rizzo and there’s good reason for it. Rizzo’s personal story is amazing and drew many fans when he became an MLB mainstay.  Now, he has grown into the unofficial captain of the Cubs team.

Rizzo is well known for his amazing plays on the field, his slugging abilities, antics in the dugout and all-around toughness. Can you imagine getting into a scrape with Rizzo? He has that calm quality that you think may go George Brett at any moment.  The Cubs first baseman is the best of both worlds; ready to jump into a fight with the other team or play a joke or prank with his own team, all while making unbelievable plays and hits.